I am Rhodè, the owner of  LUSH. I especially enjoy capturing weddings because it is always breathtaking, exciting and gives me an opportunity to tell original and creative stories through photography.

LUSH thrives for originality and capturing unforgettable weddings. The purpose of hiring someone to professionally take your photos is to capture the ambiance and memories that can be enjoyed and that can be reminisced about for years to come. It’s trusting someone and knowing that it is one less stressful thing that you can tick off your list.

We as photographers take great responsibility to make sure that you not only have stunning photos but something sentimental. That is one of the reasons why my style is a combination of lifestyle and traditional posed photos. The posed photos are all the formal portraits of family and friends along with the detailed photographs of the dress, delicious dishes, décor and venue. For the lifestyle influence, that I feel very passionate about is getting those special moments of emotion and interaction between loved ones. Now, this can be the little flower girl smiling at the beautiful bride or the groom trying to wipe his tears of joy before the bride walks down the aisle. All these images put together creates a unique story that is told through photography. What is not to love!

If you would like some tips on finding the right photographer read this quick article for some guidelines Deciding on a Photographer.