For all those indecisive bridal couples to be here is a little help in getting that perfect photographer.

There are many factors that need to be considered such as budget, style, if they are actually available and if you can get along.

And yes, it is truly important that you like your photographer because they will be in your general area for most of your wedding day. The photographer that you select should make you feel comfortable give you guidance and above all be reliable.

Reliability to be on time, to give what they promise and take charge when needed. A consultation is the best way to discover these characteristics and create a bond. After all, it’s a very collaborative space if you allow it to be.

Comparing prices is where it gets tough. Style, experience, availability, and add-ons of the photographer’s packages all differ. For a better understanding compare the hours they are photographing with, with the amount it costs. If the packages are less than what the average photographer is asking for I assured you there is not consistency throughout their work or they are just starting out. Your aim it to look at someone that has a body of work that seems like it all belong together and that they can photograph in any conditions.

Having a good understanding of what you are paying for will also make you more at ease for putting down that deposit. You pay for the experience and style that the photographer has built up and learned throughout the years. The price is affected by a number of hours working not only photographing on the day but the pre and post -processing by editing all those beautiful images that seem so flawless.  Never forget that the equipment and software to produce the work are extremely expensive and a good photographer will always keep up to date with trends and equipment to bring fresh and original work for their clients.

It’s a delicate balance between quality and cost and if you do your research you might just find the perfect person to photograph your special day.


Questions to ask yourself 

  • Do you like the photography style?
  • Do your personalities clash or flow together?
  • What other services can they offer you for example albums & printing?
  • Is the portfolio consistent in style and quality?